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ULTIMaxx Ceramic coatings

Ulitimaxx Ceramic coatings are designed to be air dried after 1 hour, and therefore a second coating can be applied for added durability . It is safe to use on all paintwork, painted plastics, carbon fibre, and bright work. With this in mind they are a perfect coating to be applied at your home. Before any ceramic coating is applied the paint MUST be prepared properly in order for the coating to bond to the surface. This means the minimum of a single stage machine polish.

Why a ceramic coating????

Ultimaxx Ceramics offer a comprehensive range of Ceramic Coatings and waxes , luxurious shampoos , snow foams and detailing sprays all for the safe washing and protection of your cherished vehicle.

 By adding a ceramic you are tripling the strength structure of the top clear coat layer.

ie- most paintwork will be between 2-4 on the hardness scale out of 10.

Thus the ceramic will be 9h.

This enables safe washing for the future from maintenance washes by you or myself to keep the ceramic working through its lifetime capabilities preventing marring, holograms and keeping a hydrophobic layer with epic gloss levels & greater chemical resistance than any wax. 

With Ultimaxx your car doesn’t need to sit in a showroom for 24 hours drying . All ultimaxx ceramics dry from the top down unlike others, thus enabling safe curing outdoors without the water spotting or the coating getting trashed as with some.

If you prefer to do maintenance washing yourself we can offer you our customer care pack or book regular services at a reduced price, p.o.a.

Ceramic coatings should only be applied by trained certified & accredited detailers; this is what differs us from the cheap car washes and car dealers/showroom coatings.

Ultimaxx Waxxeramic that is applied to every paint correction or enhancement is a phenomenal wax infused with ceramic with extremely good durability and awesome gloss levels.
Ulitimaxx Waxxeramic can be layered after 1 hour. It is safe to use on all paintwork, painted plastics, carbon fibre and also on the side windows of your vehicle.


  • 6 Months minimum durability
  • Delightful Almond Odour
  • Exceptional water behaviour

It’s Showtime 

Ultimaxx ShowTime is a Ceramic Detailing Spray that offers an ultra- hydrophobic effect with an exceptionally slick feel and a extra  gloss finish to your paintwork.

Showtime is at the very pinnacle of the final touching stages of detailing and this comes as standard with option 2.