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Recognised by industry professionals, we are proud to be an Authorised and Accredited Detailers for Ultimaxx Ceramics, Trained by Reep Academy in 2015 our standards are high and that is what makes us Professional Valeters & Detailers

Making car detailing affordable, to the working class

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We started out from the constant quest for perfection in everything we did. We are 2 ex Professional fighters with over 70 fights between us. We have over 10 titles between us including Area, English, British, European and World coupled with a keen interest in motor cars and OCD we thought it would be a no brainer to put our perfection from the sport we love and competed in, into the perfection with our OCD into cleaning cars to the highest standard possible.

From what was an interest in how to improve our own cars appearances soon turned into a hobby and then a passion, but at the time our main passion was fighting so polishing cars was more of a hobby but Over the years the knowledge, skill and ability grew and grew, and has led onto the service we offer today and now we are retired this is what we do

We are pushing to be a premier detailing establishment offering the best value for money without the need of charging crazy prices you see everywhere, we take great pride in our work and aim for perfection.

We can offer a vast variety of detailing packages, tailored to your car and your own requirements. From a basic professional Valet- to multiple stage polishing, and upto 5 year ceramic coating every vehicle receives the same level of care and attention to detail.

Paul Dalton is an industry recognised expert in Vehicle Detailing. Operating from Gatwick and Surrey and travelling all across the UK and Worldwide to detail some of the planet’s most prestigious vehicles.


Below you’ll find a selection of videos.

What is detailing?

On the surface, car detailing might look like something you just do to give your car some extra shine, however, there are some auto detailing benefits that you shouldn’t ignore. Not only will your car look brand new with a high shine & finish, but a thorough detailing service will also have some positive benefits for you as well.

When people ask what car detailing is, often people think that car “wash” is the same as car “detail” but what does car detailing really mean? Firstly, the approach is completely different to a standard clean or valeting job. Standard valeting leaves your car covered in swirl marks, scratches & strips any type of paint protection which results in a dull looking colour & a build up of contaminants. Car detailing is a highly skilled craft, and some might even say that there’s an art to it to which I would agree.

Car detailing focuses on every “detail” & aspect of a vehicle by delicately restoring & protecting all interior and exterior vehicles bringing them back to life & feeling/looking/smelling brand new again. Detailing involves a thorough cleaning & reconditioning of your vehicle and is a meticulous step-by-step process to restore & preserve your vehicles beauty & protect your investment. There is a lot of work, time & energy that goes into car detailing, many hours of intricate attention to detail & intense concentration.

To highlight the advantages of detailing, it’s not only about the aesthetics although this may be how it is perceived from the outset, however there are many benefits to various car detailing packages which include:

  • Protection against external toxins & bacteria built up by dirt, dust, and debris

  • Improved hygienic environment especially for those who spend a lot of time in their vehicles

  • External preservation & paint protection against the elements, contaminates & oxidation

  • Long-term financial savings & preservation of your vehicles value

  • Restoration of interior comfort & improved driving experience




Maintenance Valet Service

Designed for regular customers who want a regular valet service every 2 or 4 weeks.  And also for those who have had Paint Protection to keep the vehicle’s ceramic coating fully responsive. This service is only available after Option 2 the full Valet, this is to get the car to a good standard. Once at this standard the maintenance valet will keep it at that standard. This keeps costs & service times down

Prices are at a discounted rate to the valet options. Please get in touch to discuss options about this service.

Ceramic coatings

ULTIMaxx Ceramic coatings
Why a ceramic coating????

Ultimaxx Ceramics offer a comprehensive range of Ceramic Coatings and waxes , luxurious shampoos , snow foams and detailing sprays all for the safe washing and protection of your cherished vehicle.

 By adding a ceramic you are tripling the strength structure of the top clear coat layer.

ie- most paintwork will be between 2-4 on the hardness scale out of 10.

Thus the ceramic will be 9h.

This enables safe washing for the future from maintenance washes by you or myself to keep the ceramic working through its lifetime capabilities preventing marring, holograms and keeping a hydrophobic layer with epic gloss levels & greater chemical resistance than any wax. 

With Ultimaxx your car doesn’t need to sit in a showroom for 24 hours drying . All ultimaxx ceramics dry from the top down unlike others, thus enabling safe curing outdoors without the water spotting or the coating getting trashed as with some.

If you prefer to do maintenance washing yourself we can offer you our customer care pack or book regular services at a reduced price, p.o.a.

Ceramic coatings should only be applied by trained certified & accredited detailers; this is what differs us from the cheap car washes and car dealers/showroom coatings.

Ultimaxx Waxxeramic that is applied to every paint correction or enhancement is a phenomenal wax infused with ceramic with extremely good durability and awesome gloss levels.
Ulitimaxx Waxxeramic can be layered after 1 hour. It is safe to use on all paintwork, painted plastics, carbon fibre and also on the side windows of your vehicle.


  • 6 Months minimum durability
  • Delightful Almond Odour
  • Exceptional water behaviour

It’s Showtime 

Ultimaxx ShowTime is a Ceramic Detailing Spray that offers an ultra- hydrophobic effect with an exceptionally slick feel and a extra  gloss finish to your paintwork.

Showtime is at the very pinnacle of the final touching stages of detailing and this comes as standard with option 2 

ULTIMaxx Ceramic coatings

Ulitimaxx Ceramic coatings are designed to be air dried after 1 hour, and therefore a second coating can be applied for added durability . It is safe to use on all paintwork, painted plastics, carbon fibre, and bright work. With this in mind they are a perfect coating to be applied at your home. Before any ceramic coating is applied the paint MUST be prepared properly in order for the coating to bond to the surface. This means the minimum of a single stage machine polish (Option 3)


Why Wet Sand?

Sometimes the only way to remove or lighten a heavy imperfection is by sanding the paint surface. This can be a fast and effective way to remove a heavy scratch or scuff, if you are skilled and very careful. On the other hand, this method may lead to a trip to the spray booth if you are over enthusiastic and not aware of when to stop! 

Another reason people come to us for wet sanding is to create a flawless, show car finish over the entire vehicle. A finish that is completely clear and/or defect free. A wet sanded finish offers exceptional depth, clarity, gloss and shine.

In order to create these characteristics, the paint must be completely flat and free from any orange-peel as well as any other above/below surface paint defects. When we use the term “flat” to describe paint we don’t mean as in a ‘matte’ or ‘low gloss’ finish, we mean the surface is completely flat like a piece of glass. When the finish is completely flat, it will reflect crisp, clear images like a mirror with no distortion; this is referred to as D.O.I. or Distinction of Images. To get an automotive finish completely flat or level, the paint must be sanded flat and then buffed to a high gloss.

During the process of wet sanding we are actually “shaving” a microscopic layer of clear coat off the paint surface, eliminating any imperfections along with it. The process therefore can remove scuffs or marks, however it’s also used to eliminate:

  • Runs or Sags

These are beads, droplets, larger globules or “curtain effect” in the paint finish on vertical surfaces. This is caused by paint mixture too slow (hardener, thinner), viscosity too low (too thin), paint applied too thick, paint technician application error etc.

  • Dry Paint

Granular texture normally with no gloss at all, this defect is usually limited to small areas. Commonly caused by spraying too fast, air pressure too high, spray gun too far from surface etc.

  • Orange Peel

One of the greatest imperfections. Due to new paint technologies, many new vehicles can suffer from this bad paint finish, otherwise known as orange peel. Orange peel is the name given to a slightly rippled effect on the paintwork… similar to what you find on an orange.

There are other differing factors that contribute to causes of orange peel, but normally it’s as follows: when a vehicle is sprayed at the factory, the build up of multiple wet layers of paint combined with the spray guns pushing out a lot of air cause the airstream to leave a visible rippled effect finish. Think of these ripples like waves, consisting of peaks and troughs on your paintwork surface. A highly experienced wet-sander is able to carefully shave down the peaks to the level of the troughs, which means that the orange-peel is fully removed without reducing the thickness of the clearcoat from its original lowest point at all.

  • Dirt/Dust Contamination

Usually small, irregular particles in the paint film caused by foreign matter (e.g. dust/dirt) which can occur in different sizes, shapes, types and patterns.

  • Silicone Marks

Marks/defects that are caused by contamination of oil, grease, silicone and wax products still present on the sub surface before applying the fresh paint. The defects are what looks like perfect small dots, also known as “fish eyes” in the trade.

  • Blend Lines

Blend lines in paint are where the original paint meets the new fresh paint, a technique is used to overly thin down the paint (lacquer top coat) at the location of the join area, which in turn results in a poorer finish with time around this area. This technique is widely used within the smart repair industry as it’s not normal to paint entire complete panels.

In many cases wet sanding can be more effective than trying to machine correct (polishing /compounding) these imperfections out . Wet sanding will not create the heat associated with machine correction if carried out correctly, and will be less aggressive than machine correction, but special care and measurements must be taken throughout the entire process. If done correctly, wet sanding will actually remove LESS lacquer (top clear coat) than heavy machine correction (as done in body shops).

Key Factors

All imperfections in a paint surface are different and different methods will be used to remove or lighten them. Skill level, knowledge and expertise will determine if the problem can be fixed or improved without refinishing the area. You would not choose to sand something that may be removed by the use of clay or light polishing. On the other hand you would not try to polish out a deep key scratch. Machine correcting the area may be an option if the scratch is not too deep, but it’s important to remember the heat and friction it will be creating and the aggressiveness of both the buffing pad and the compound used. Sometimes this method will rub through the paint quicker than wet sanding.

The colour of the car will often determine how bad a scratch appears and therefore how well it can be repaired. Clear coat will always look whitish in appearance when it is scratched. The two key elements are how deep is it and what colour the vehicle is. A scratch on a black car will always look worse than on white because of the background or the basecoat. A scratch on black will have to be sanded more deeply to totally remove it.

Some people say factory finishes do not have enough clear coat to sand and that you will not have enough protection if you sand. If the lowest point of the clear coat is enough to protect the car, then should you sand to that point and no further your car will look its best and still be protected. The secret is to not sand any more than the lowest point of the clear coat. See illustration below:

How much does it cost?

The packages below are inclusive of the necessary machine polish correction time after wet sanding has taken place. This includes the end results as per our D&P Valeting and Detailing option 4 package 

  • Window screen coating with Glassmaxx
  • Ultimaxx Ceramics Signature Pro 9h 5 year coating
  • Wheels Ceramic Coated and Refurbished 
  • All Leather and or Cloth Protected
  • Paintwork checked with 3M sunlight and 2 other light sources
  • Final Full inspection to make sure your car meets our high standards